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by Jimmy

February 25, 2019 0

More inshore fishing is vital to help replenish stocks, according to a Bournemouth University (BU) boffin.

Professor Rick Stafford, from BU’s Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, says smaller scale inshore operators often use less environmentally damaging methods.

He says the shift to this type of fishing needs to be accompanied by restrictions on more industrial offshore operations further out to sea.

His call comes in new research about the impact and effectiveness of sustainable fishing, which has been published in the journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene.

Professor Stafford said: “The key is to restrict offshore fishing.

“Generally, offshore fishing uses bigger boats, which can cause more environmental damage with their fishing techniques.

“Reducing, and maybe eventually eliminating, these boats will create big marine protected areas in the offshore Economic Exclusion Zones of countries and the high seas and allow fish stocks to grow again.”

Prof Stafford also believes fundamental changes are needed to address major issues of climate change

He said: “We need to place environmental issues at the heart of our political and economic systems, and address overconsumption and overuse of natural resources as our number one priority – including over-fishing.

“Unless we do this, we can’t save the planet from plastics, biodiversity loss or climate change.”

Our founder John Tourgout has a master’s degree in coastal management from Bournemouth University. He has placed ethics and sustainability at the heart of Ocean Rocks.

John said: “It’s good to have healthy debate about how best to tackle the pressing issue of climate change as well as overfishing, bio-diversity loss and plastic pollution

“At Ocean Rocks we believe in the power of the individual to make a difference.

“Every reusable cup or plastic bag helps in the fight for our planet and its seas.

“As a small family business whose members live and work on the Jurassic Coast, we do all we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible.”

John added: “Undoubtedly, the politicians and multi-nationals have a major part to play and we as individuals need to use our collective power as constituents and consumers to convince them of the need for greater change too.”

Ocean Rocks is an official business partner of the Jurassic Coast Trust.

Our garments are made of 100 per cent organic cotton – Global Organic Textile Standard certified – and manufactured with the environment in mind, ethically produced by partners who also supply key conservation charities. Our suppliers sign up to ethical codes of conduct, like the Fairwear Foundation code of practice.

This means that our t-shirts are not only lovely, soft, durable and of the highest standard but better for the environment too.

Furthermore, we don’t use unnecessary packaging and use paper bags at our events. We also post t-shirts in biodegradable recycled postage bags without any plastic bagging inside for mail-order.

Posted by: Jimmy

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