#myoceanrocks – does yours? Get onboard!

by Jon

August 22, 2016 0

#myoceanrocks community  is for people who are passionate about the coast, seaside and ocean.

Join the #myoceanrocks community

We think loads of people love being in, on or around the water.  So that’s why we’re building a passionate #myoceanrocks community of like minded souls to share their love of the ocean, coast and seaside. Whatever floats your boat – from surfing, sailing and scuba-diving to ice-cream, sunbathing and beach barbies – it’s a chance to celebrate your love affair with the water.

You might know some great beaches to visit, or spill your guts on a secret coastal hide-away. Or you may just want to gush about your latest adventure, or holiday or triumph  like trying kite-surfing for the first time.

OCEANROCKS cool, comfy and credibly constructed t-shirts aim to capture that feeling and let you declare you allegiance to the coast – saying something about you and how you feel.

We’d love to hear what you think of our current t-shirts and what other goods and accessories you’d like to see from OCEANROCKS in the future.

Get involved

Here’s some great ways to get involved with #myoceanrocks

Be a guest blogger and write a post for #myoceanrocks blog !

Find some great ideas, activities and stories already online at OCEANROCKS explorer

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Leave a review– been to one of our events or got a t-shirt ?

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Our Story

Want to find out more about what makes OCEANROCKS ticks? Find out how we’re trying to make a difference with super cool, comfy and credibly constructed organic clothing straight from the heart of the Jurassic Coast in southwest England. 

Posted by: Jon

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