New for 2017! Introducing our ‘Jurassic Tour Collection’- inspired by you!

by JT

April 27, 2017 0

Jurassic Tour Collection – Take a Tour Through Time

Our Jurassic Tour Collection is inspired by you!

Here on the lovely old Jurassic Coast, spring has sprung. It’s been stunningly sunny. Then rainy, followed by a ‘cold snap’ – as the weather forecasting bods on the telly like to call it – before getting warm again.

So pretty normal for this time of year, which means it’s time to unveil OCEANROCKS new for 2017 creations in time for spring, summer and all the lovely events we’ll be attending.

Since launching last year at Lyme Regis Fossil Festival we’ve been to a lot of events and met a lot of people. Thank you to everyone who we spoke to. Your views and comments have helped us get a great idea of what you like and what we should produce in the future.

It turns out you love the organic cotton which goes into our t-shirts. Many also liked that they’re ethically made, and more environmentally friendly than the usual stuff on the High Street. They’re also better quality, more comfortable and better for the people who make them and for the people who wear them.

Our Jurassic Coast inspired designs proved to be the most popular over the past year – both with locals who are proud of where they live and also with visitors looking for a great souvenir or statement.

The people we spoke to also suggested a bit more variation in the graphic design and different products.

So here’s a quick run-through of new for 2017 Jurassic Tour Collection- find them online plus we’ll have a few extra items at the events we attend this year.

We hope you like them, please let us know on our social media or drop in a google review.

Men’s & Women’s Jurassic Tour Through Time T-shirts with back prints

Image of OCEANROCKS Jurassic Tour Collection white mens

Take a tour through 185 million years of Planet Earth’s history to the time of the dinosaurs and giant marine monsters with OCEANROCKS Tour Through Time organic t-shirts.

Includes a striking  OCEANROCKS logo chest print, with a stunning back print featuring famous sites along Dorset and Devon’s Jurassic Coast all wrapped up with an iconic  Plesiosaur fossil skeleton.

Screen-printed onto an organic t-shirt for a natural rustic look. Organic combed cotton gives a soft, comfortable feel and fit.  Ethically made using renewable energy for a lower carbon footprint. Wash cool, hang dry, avoid ironing the print.

Our new Jurassic Tour Through Time organic T-shirt is available for men in White, Blue or Green with a Coral colour version for women.

Image of OCEANROCKS Jurassic Tour organic T-shirts

Men’s Jurassic Coast 2017 Limited Edition

Image of Jurassic Coast organic t-shirt white colour with black design

OCEANROCKS 2017 Limited Edition t-shirt says how you feel about the Jurassic Coast at full volume. This stylish bold graphic design is screen-printed on a Grey or White organic t-shirt.

OCEANROCKS is proud to be a business partner of the Jurassic Coast Trust. The trust are guardians of this UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, where it’s the ancient rocks, and ocean which shapes them, that make this area in southwest England so very special.

Organic combed cotton gives this t-shirt a soft, comfortable fit and feel. Ethically made using renewable energy for a lower carbon footprint. Wash cool, hang dry, avoid ironing the print.

Our Limited Edition 2017 Jurassic Coast organic T-shirts come in White and Grey in men’s sizes.  And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Kid’s Dino Surfer

Image of OCEANROCKS Jurassic Coast Collection kids dino surfer organic t-shirts

Enjoy being in and around the water? Love Dinosaurs? Smash it all together and you’ve got a surfing T-Rex exclusively from OCEANROCKS, based at the heart of the Jurassic Coast in southwest England.

Fantastic custom white design screen-printed onto a denim Blue, bright Blue or Coral Pink organic T-shirt for a natural look.

Organic combed cotton gives a soft, comfortable fit and feel.  Ethically produced and manufactured using renewable energy for a lower carbon footprint. Wash cool, hang dry, avoid ironing the print.

Jurassic Tour Collection – Organic Beach Bags

Say Aloha to OCEANROCKS totes adorable Organic Beach Bags! With enough room for all your essentials, our tote bags are perfect for a trip down the beach, cruise around the coast or hang out in a stylish seaside bar or café. It’ll fold-up to neatly fit in your suitcase, or easily satisfy the hand luggage Police on your next glamorous trip abroad.

Vital statistics:   This bag is produced from accredited 100% organic combed cotton, is ethically made and carries a low carbon footprint.  That means it’s super smooth next to your skin, great for your Karma and kinder to the Planet.

Size guide:   This stylish Tote bag is big enough to fit all your essentials like a beach towel, tablet or magazine, water bottle, sunglasses and sun tan lotion. Alternatively, add a bottle of wine and enough nibbles to last the evening. Or just use it for shopping.

Jurassic Tour Organic Tote Bag Designs:

Heart of Stones celebrates the amazing treasures found around our glorious coastline. Like swirly-whirly Ammonites, sparkling Mother of Pearl seashells and colourful Ocean Gems.  For ocean, seaside and coast lovers everywhere.

Fish Lizard  pays tribute to the awesome Ichthyosaur which looks like a dolphin crossed with a shark and ruled our oceans about 200 million years ago. The first Fish Lizard fossil skeleton was discovered by the amazing Mary Anning around 200 years ago on the Dorset coast.

I’m Bored You can never be bored when the ocean is your friend.  You don’t even need to go surfing or be by the water – it’s a state of mind.

Jurassic Tour collection – Most Popular

Image of OCEANROCKS Jurassic Coast Collection organic t-shirts

You can still find our most popular Jurassic Coast inspired T-shirts and Tops as part of the Jurassic Tour Collection. That includes Fish Lizard, Fossil Beach, Jurassic Smoothie, Heart of Stones and more in our online shop.


All are screen-printed onto an organic t-shirt for a natural rustic look. Organic combed cotton gives a soft, comfortable feel and fit.  Ethically made using renewable energy for a lower carbon footprint. Wash cool, hang dry, avoid ironing the print.

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