OCEANROCKS top five seaside cocktails

by Josh

May 13, 2016 0

Sometimes there’s nothing better to enjoy on a hot summer’s day than a refreshing seaside cocktail or mocktail. Our ‘Davy Jones Lock-in’ and ‘On the Rocks T-shirts pay tribute to that lovely holiday feeling of just  relaxing with good friends and a drink or two at a beach bar or barbecue.

Warning note disclaimer: Remember… booze and water can be a messy mix. So always drink responsibly and look after yourself and your friends.

Top five seaside cocktails

Here’s some favourites of the OCEANROCKS shipmates.  Our top five seaside cocktails are all alcoholic so if you’re under 18 please look away now!  Most bars also now do a cracking selection of non-alcoholic mocktails, which are lovely. Locally produced beer and cider is lovely too.

  1. Sea Breeze

An unbeatable classic cocktail for many of the OCEANROCKS crew because it’s beautifully refreshing and easy to make. Simply fill up pitchers for parties and barbies by blending Vodka, Cranberry juice and Grapefruit juice over ice with a little flourish.


  1. Mojito

Pirates love rum. Drink enough of these cracking Minty- Lime infused White Rum and Soda cocktails, and then start a ‘talk like a pirate contest’.  Post the resulting video on #myoceanrocks


  1. Limoncello Collins

If it’s sharp, zesty and clean-cut you’re after then this is the cocktail for you. It combines limoncello and gin with club soda – garnished with mint and lemon for those balmy afternoons and early evenings.


  1. Sex on the Beach

OCEANROCKS couldn’t list its top five cocktails without having sex on the beach.  Smooth and sweet with lashing of Vodka, try one if you’ve never had it before (please see warning note above).


  1. Margarita

Simple elegant cocktail classic showcasing beautiful Tequila, fresh Lime and Orange flavours in a Salt-rimmed glass. Beauty.

All the recipes are online if you fancy making one yourself. Got any better suggestions or a new coastal cocktail? Tell us  or use #myoceanrocks


Posted by: Josh

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