Eco & Ethical

Eco & ethical

OCEANROCKS loves the coast and our natural environment. We take our eco & ethical responsibilities seriously. So we’ve taken time and care to choose award-winning, accredited garment suppliers to work with who share the same values as we do. That means OCEANROCKS t-shirts are ethically-made from organic cotton and manufactured with the environment in mind. Our garments include supplier labels so you can go online and check out their credentials. We will continue to review all our operations, and make improvements to improve our sustainability where we can.

Product – striking the balance

Designs are screen-printed on to 100% organic cotton garments meeting certified Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).  As a result means we can strike a balance between environmentally sensitive t-shirts which have a natural rustic print but are soft and comfortable, yet are still affordable. 

Organic cotton 

We are using organic cotton is used in to make our t-shirts and tops. This results in a higher quality product which is softer, and is kinder to the skin. It is also better both better for the environment and people that make the garments.  Organic cotton from is GMO-free plants without the use of synthetic chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides and uses less water. 


Our t-shirts are produced with responsible partners so we know they are made from sustainable textiles in ethically accredited factories (including some which are renewable energy powered) to help minimize the carbon footprint of our garments.


The suppliers we work with subscribe to ethical production standards, such Fair Wear Foundation, meaning safe, well-lit and well paid working conditions. As a result using organic cotton is better for the people who produce the garments, as well as for the people who wear them.

Garment care

To reduce energy use and safeguard garment quality, our garments should be cleaned on cool wash and hung or flat dried. Do not iron the prints.


OCEANROCKS® does not use unnecessary packaging. Your T-shirt will come in a degradable recycled polythene postage bag without plastic bagging inside. Our delivery information is printed on recycled and/ or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.  We will continue to review all our operations, and make improvements to improve our sustainability where we can.

Support our coastal and marine environment

There are many marine conservation organisations and charities that you can get involved with. OCEANROCKS promotes these organisations where possible We are a proud and active business partner of Devon and Dorset’s Jurassic Coast Trust.

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