Dorset maps out National Park status

by James T

March 10, 2019 0

A decision could be made about Dorset’s National Park bid in the autumn, according to latest updates.

The Dorset National Park Proposal Team is campaigning for an area in the south of the county and part of East Devon to be the next to win the coveted status.

Its Spring newsletter has revealed that the Government’s review of National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is due to report on the Autumn when we could hear more about Dorset’s bid.

Boundaries of the proposed National Park have yet to be exactly defined.

Initial proposals were for an area covering the Jurassic Coast, stretching from East Devon to Purbeck and extending inland beyond Beaminster, up to Blandford forum and just shy of Poole.

More recent suggestions have been to match the new Dorset Council boundaries covering the shire area of the county.

The Dorset Echo this week reported that tens of millions of pounds could flow into the county with a boost for tourism and the rural economy, if National Park status is awarded.

Supporters of the bid include the CPRE, Marine Conservation Society, the Thomas Hardy Society, Woodland Trust, various councils and many others.

But there have been concerns raised in other quarters about planning controls and an influx of second home owners.

Even if the bid is looked upon favourably, it could still be another five years before the county is officially recognised.

Our founder John Tourgout, who has a Masters degree in Coastal Management, said: “The coast and countryside are incredible important, and we have a responsibility to future generations to behave in a sustainable way.

“Winning UNESCO world heritage status for the Jurassic Coast took a lot of hard work and dedication.

“Gaining National Park status will require similar commitment, but there could be tremendous benefits for the wonderful environment we have here in Dorset.

“We know from talking to our many friends and customers at various events how important the coast is to them.

“We hope that love comes across in our t-shirts too which are aimed at celebrating the coast and the great outdoors lifestyle.”

You can find out more about the bid on the Dorset National Park website. There’s also the chance to sign up for a regular newsletter with all of the latest updates.

Posted by: James T

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