Are you a Dorset Foodie?

by JT

July 17, 2017 0

Are you a Dorset Foodie?


Image of OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie T-shirt

OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie T-shirt

Image of Women's Dorset Foodie back print organic T-shirt

Women’s Dorset Foodie back print organic T-shirt

OCEANROCKS new Dorset Foodie organic T-shirt pays tribute to the county’s girt big food heritage.  Find it exclusively at events this summer across the county and coming soon online.

Dorset’s Jurassic Coast and countryside is jam-packed full of quality local producers. The county is bound together by its huge area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), Jurassic Coast and rich seas.

Read on to discover the inspiration behind our Dorset Foodie organic T-shirt for men and women – 100% organic cotton, ethically made and environmentally friendly.

Piddle Valley – great name, serious story

A typical rural farming heartland is the Piddle Valley which boasts great local produce, suppliers, village pubs and even its own brewery! But the valley has a super famous farming connection – the Tolpuddle Martyrs! This bunch load of farm labourers decided they’d had enough of the piddle being taken out them. And so they rose up – kicking off the trade union movement in the process.

Famous food – once gone never forgotten

As well as glorious seafood, Dorset food is probably most well-known for its traditional foods from generations gone by. Dorset Apple Cake has many different recipes depending on how your mum made it, but involves cinnamon and eaten with clotted cream.  Blue Vinny is an age old Dorset Cheese which almost went extinct before being given a new lease of life at Woodbridge Farm recently.  It’s traditionally enjoyed in the company of another age-old Dorset favourite – the Dorset Knob – a miniature crisp bread roll type biscuit now only commercially made by Moores at Morcombelake.  Apparently that there Mr Thomas Hardy liked all this sort of  stuff. Portland Dough Cake is another traditional recipe from the mists of time. Find the cake bready, buttery-rich cake with mixed fruit and spices. Sometimes called Dorset Dough Cake, but we’re going with Portland because that’s where our Grammer made it best.

Booze – ale, cider, wine, vodka

Dorset is home to some famous old breweries like Hall & Woodhouse and Palmers plus fine new micro-breweries like Corfe Castle, Piddle Brewery and the Dorset Brewing Company. Dorset – Cider -speaksh for its shself. Our county is home to more local artisan award winning makers you can shake a furry stick at – like Dorset Nectar and Purbeck Cider Company.

Wine and spirits

Dorset’s sheltered and sunny location is great for English wine producers like Langham and Furleigh Estate.  The county is building a burgeoning reputation for craft Gin, with local makers like Lilliput, Conker and Fordington, whilst Black Cow produce the world’s only pure milk Vodka!

Shellfish and Seafood

Dorset is famous for the quality of its fine seafood from Mackerel and Sea Bass to Crab and various Crustaceans.  Therefore your choice is endless, from fish n chips by the harbour to high end dining at a fancy seaside sea-food restaurant.


Dorset Jugged steak is a traditional dish replying on slow cooking in a flavoursome casserole with other ingredients like sausage meat, onions and breadcrumbs.  Due to being nourished by the fine country grasslands, Dorset Lamb is renowned for its premium quality and taste.


Everyone loves ice cream. And Dorset has got some great local producers like Purbeck Ice Cream, or Craigs Free Range Farm shop at Osmington, just outside Weymouth.  But since there’s still plenty of ice cream vans anchored in lay-bys so you can sneak a Mr Whippy ’99 if you prefer!


OCEANROCKS organic T-shirts and Tops aim to celebrate Jurassic Coast life in all its glory. Find everything from eating and drinking to fossil-hunting, watersports and all else in-between. Our organic, eco-friendly & ethical values aim to complement this unique area. It’s our home.

 Direct from Dorset!

And so Direct from Dorset brings together all the great culinary delights in the county.

Here’s some food (and other!) words and phrases which are direct from old Dorset dialect.

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