Dorset food lovers – are you local?

by Jon

August 2, 2017 0

Dorset food lovers – are you local?

Listen up Dorset food lovers!

The Dorset coast and countryside is jam-packed full of quality local producers. The county and its communities are bound together by a huge area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), the Jurassic Coast and rich seas. Food and drink is huge part of that and the inspiration behind OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie Organic T-shirt for men and women.

Someone may have once said that native Alaskans have over 50 words for snow. At OCEANROCKS we reckon there’s plenty of words for lunch, dinner and tea in old Dorset Dialect too. Here’s some we’ve found, plus a few others we couldn’t resist including (feeling a bit Twanketen anyone?)

Yer tis…

(Sources: Bill & Jim down the pub, that woman we used to work with, the village post office queue,, Dorset Echo)

Aggy –To gather eggs

Annan? Say that again?

Ballywrag – To scold or accuse in foul language

Beas – Beast

Bit an Drap –meal

Blue Vinny – Blue (mouldy) cheese

Boris-noris – to go on recklessly without thought to risk or decency

Boys Love – the herb southernwood

Caddie – uproar or right old carryon ‘scenes’

Chaw – to chew

Chippols – young onions

Chimp – break the shoots off potatoes

Cider ring – cider press

Culver – wood pigeon

Dewbit – first meal of the morning

Drawlatcheten – lazy

Dumbledore – The bumblebee

Eale – ale

Figgety pudding – plum pudding

Furmenty – sweet spiced porridge

Gally – To scare. So you may see a gally-crow in the field

Girt – great

God almighty’s Cow – the Ladybird

Grammer – Grandma/ Granny/ Grandmother

Hel – to pour out

Het – heat

Homble – a duck

Horridge (or whorage) – a house of bad characters

Inon – Onion

Joppety-joppety – nerves

Leery – hungry

Lippy – Wet and rainy, often stormy

Loplolly – A lazy, or idle person

Miff – a quarrel, a coolness between friends

Nammet – noon meat luncheon

Nettlens – pigs insides

Nuncheon, cruncheon, nummit and crummit – four more words for meals

Peart – Healthy or vibrant

Pook – cones of wheat

Prog – food

Pummy – apple pummace from the cider ring

Ramshacklum – good for nothing

Randy – merry making

Snabble – eat quickly

Snags – sloe berries

Tilty – peevish

Tinklebobs – icicles

Tole – to allure

Torrididdle – out of one’s mind

Turmit – turnip

Twanketen – melancholy

Urge – retch

Wopsy – Wasp

Yeo – Ewe

Yop – to talk rapidly

Zummerwold (summer-mould):  Freckles on the face, brought out by the sun.

(Sources: Bill & Jim down the pub, that woman we used to work with, the village post office queue,, Dorset Echo)

For Dorset food lovers everywhere

OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie T-shirt pays tribute to the county’s girt food heritage.

And here’s our Dorset Foodie t-shirt – organic, ethically made and environmentally friendly as we can make it for Dorset food lovers everywhere! Find it exclusively at our events this summer! Come back soon to find it on our website!

Image of OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie T-shirt

OCEANROCKS Dorset Foodie T-shirt

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Posted by: Jon

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