Get some home help for sheltering from the Corona Virus

by Jon

April 6, 2020 0

Are you sheltering from the Corona Virus?

These are strange days indeed, and we’d like to wish all our customers and communities the very best for the coming weeks and months as we all cope with the fall out from the Corona Virus. We’ll be sending off T-shirts and tops as long as the posties are still delivering (if not a little later than usual) and it’s safe to do so.

If you’re  getting bored of endless repeats, Loose Women on the telly and doom & gloom, then here’s a few ideas to help out with the isolating, social distancing and staying at home…

Take a trip to the seaside

Being  by the sea is officially good for your physical and mental well-being. So here’s some calming waves lapping against the beach for those of you that can’t get to coast, seaside or beach during the Corona Virus days..

Want more? Choose web cams

Take a short break to the seaside from the safety and comfort of your own home with our carefully curated page of web cams from around the south west of England

Who’s up for a pub quiz?

Pubs, bars and clubs may be shut right now, so here’s a quick-fire Jurassic Coast pub quiz TV & film round – how many can you get right?

You could learn a new language

Fancy putting your time at home to good use by learning a new language?  Someone may have once said that the Inuit have over 50 words for snow. At OCEANROCKS we reckon there’s plenty of words for lunch, dinner and tea in old Dorset Dialect too. Here’s some we’ve found, plus a few others we couldn’t resist including (feeling a bit Twanketen anyone?)

Track sharks, seals and dolphins

Follow live tracking of tagged marine life around the seven seas, including Great White Sharks,  Seals, Dolphins and Whales with Ocearch which aims to provide scientists with real time data helping marine management, conservation and collaboration globally.  One of their most successful tags was Katherine the Shark. . She became a bit of a local celeb in Florida, chalking up her own twitter account whilst covering almost 40,000 miles in the last six years or so.

Thrill at big wave surfing

Sit back, relax and check out some spectacular big wave surfing from Nazare, Portugal 2020 which saw elite competitors combat 40-50 foot Atlantic rollers.


Looking for some things to do at home with the children…

The Jurassic Coast Trust has put together some great home learning activities

Check top teacher hub Twinkl’s UK coasts activity pack

Find out how to look after yourself and nature with The WildLife Trusts




Posted by: Jon

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