It’s a scientific fact! Being by the coast is good for you.

by Jon

July 8, 2019 0

Being by the coast just feels good…

Maybe it’s the fresh sea air in our lungs, or sunshine topping up our vitamin D levels.

Or swimming, surfing and getting out and about on, in and around the water which gets our blood pumping a little bit more than often is the thing that help us sleep a bit better.

Perhaps indulging our appetites a little bit more with the odd ice-cream or glass or two of wine helps us unwind and feel a wee bit more satisfied.

Maybe we just feel happier spending time relaxing and having fun with friends and family on holiday or on days out.

And you can’t really beat the feeling of floating in water, or soaking up the sun’s rays whilst the lapping waves lull you into a lovely state of relaxation.

Even before the birth of seaside resorts, the merits of a coastal lifestyle being good for you was an established age-old wisdom, and the reason why millions still flock to the coast at home and aboard.

Maybe it’s all to do with the letter ‘s’… surf, sea, sand, sun and so-on.

But now boffins at the University of Exeter in southwest England have come up with firm evidence to back up claims that it really is healthier to be by the seaside.

They carried out first-hand experiments and looked at lifestyle statistics to provide the proof, which made a big splash in the media worldwide!  And here’s some more latest research about the awesome effects of the sea from University of Plymouth.

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Posted by: Jon

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