Celebrate World Oceans Day!

by John

June 5, 2019 0

World Oceans Day takes place every year on 8 June.

The day has been celebrated since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 before being officially adopted by the United Nations in 2008.

World Oceans Day is a chance to enjoy, promote and help protect the oceans and seas – critical to the survival of our plant and its inhabitants.

Celebrate World Oceans Day

From habitat destruction, pollution, unsustainable harvesting and global warming our seas face their biggest ever challenge.

Everyone can help.  Here’s five simple things you can do right now…

1 Join a marine wildife charity like the Marine Conservation Society or your local Wildlife Trust, support their work, volunteer, join an event, have fun, feel good.

2 Be coast friendly – do a 2 minute beach clean or take your rubbish home, and check out LitterFreeCoast Dorset for more ways to get involved.

3 Join the war on plastic – as a start just stop using disposable plastic bags, these can be fatal for marine wildlife which sometimes mistake bags for food – discover some tips from Sustainable Dorset.

4 Check out the Good Fish Guide  and choose sustainable seafood

5 Just love, celebrate and respect your sea, ocean or water

Why do we need oceans?

There’s loads of reasons why we need healthy oceans, here’s five top things they provide for us..

1 Food to eat

2 Air to breathe – they produce massive amounts of Oxygen

3 A safe place to live  – they help control our climate and conditions to survive

4 Building blocks for life on Earth

5 Happiness and inspiration

Oceans are amazing

The oceans are amazing places, here’s five fascinating facts for you…

1 The oceans cover 70 per cent of the planet’s surface, that’s 139 million square miles!

2 The Pacific Ocean is the biggest. Alone it is 10,500 miles wide and contains some 50 per cent of the earth’s water!

3 The deep sea is the largest habitat on eaarth, containing 80 per cent of available space – land is just half a percent!

4 The bottom of the Mariannas Trench in the west Pacific is 7 miles beneath the surface! Mount Everest would fit comfortably inside and still be 2000 metres below sea level!

5 At 200 tonnes+ and 30 metres or more, the Blue Whale is thought to be the largest creature ever to have lived – just their tongue weighs the same as an Elephant!

All these facts come from one of OCEANROCKS favourite ever television programmes – David Attenborough’s multi-award winning Blue Planet  1 and 2. You can find the book and DVD on Amazon.

Get involved

Find events to celebrate World Oceans Day near you.

Posted by: John

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